Are you a faith-filled believer in business ready to get your business to 6 figures and beyond?


Then cue the curtain and cut the noise, ‘cause we’ve made it simple for you!

We want to PERSONALLY work with you To amplify your God-given calling by connecting the dots to establish an offer that you 1000% believe in And will confidently and consistently show up and serve for, while getting paid your worth.

**Let us guess… you want unwavering belief in what’s possible and a massive shift in income. You want Godly business mentorship driven by the Holy Spirit.

We’re filling a huge gap in the industry and providing the solution for both!


How to get total clarity & massive belief on what sets your offer apart, how to package it to sell, position yourself as the expert and stay focused on the path to profit

Plus, Your Go-To Action Plan for List- Building, Content Creation, Revenue Generation, and Social Media Marketing

So you can stop dancing around the depth of what you have to offer and ignite your sales with an offer worthy of buyers that is structured to lead you to six figures in your business.

Using our 7 Step Six Figure Offer Framework you will gain the clarity and direction on:

… even if your current offer is a little BLURRY, even if you’ve done offer creation work before, even if you’re not crystal clear on your ideal client, even if you have NO clue what to do next or your DOUBT is greater than your faith.

We are here to get you firmly on the path to 6-Figures!

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Hi, Faith-filled Friend!

We’re Heather Dollar, your Faith First Success Coach and Cassie Kitzmiller, your Christ Centered Business Strategist!

With 20+ combined years of experience in building businesses we’ve learned a lot!

We went from selling low ball offers and barely making profit to believing and achieving what once felt impossible. 

After many hard lessons on both sides, we created the Six Figure Framework that allowed us to finally start making what we were worth and funding the lifestyle our heart desires.
And now it’s your turn. 
Less work, more play.
Enjoying your business while still enjoying your family.
A focused, clear path of action.
Enjoying an abundant and prosperous life of obedience to the Lord.

Isn't time you start living your success story?

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